2-on-1 Fast Break Podcast: 2017 Wild Card Round

By Sean Kennedy (@PhillyFastBreak) & Dan Urda (@DanUrda)

Playoffs!?! That’s right, we’re talking about playoffs and we’re not kidding you. Dan is back for a Wild Card Round discussion of everything from the Connor Cook-Brock Osweiler showdown to the Packers hot streak.

Week 17 Record: 2-3; Season Record: 33-47-5.

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2-on-1 Fast Break Podcast: 2017 Wild Card Round — 3 Comments

  1. Glad to hear I made somebody money. And, hey, Im passing through Baltimore next Saturday & was going to take you up on that beer offer & I looked you up, doesn’t seem to be anybody with your name on Google. Too bad, coulda gone for a Zima ( technically not a beer, but considering all the money I helped you and I am sure you would not mind).

    Maybe next time though, right? MLB is right around the corner, so I am sure you are just a few months away from continuing the crushing of the books! A proven system, huh? I’ve always wanted one of those. Im sure its much better than my capping method of picking the team with the coolest colors in every game.

  2. Dan, I just wanted to say thanks for an AWESOME season!! At first glance you may be thinking this is sarcasm, but its certainly not. Here is my story. I am a very successful MLB handicapper with a proven system that I use not only for my own profit but also to earn my loyal subscribers a hefty profit of their own. NFL however has always been a mystery to me, until I found your site. After closely following your podcasts last season I realized that not only do you have a terrible understanding of the NFL, but you generally are lacking in any real knowledge of the handicapping profession as well. This season my business partner and I decided a risky endeavor. We decided for the first time ever to offer our subscribers an “NFL package”. We offered monthly and weekly packages at a discounted rate since this was our first season branching out into NFL. And let me tell you it was a BIG success. What was our strategy? We simply sold them the exact opposite of all of your picks. GENIUS!!! Our subscriber base went from about 200 to just under 2500 total NFL packages sold. As the wins came in (or rather losses on your end) so did the subscriptions. And the best part is everyone of our subscribers is a winner. My wife got a 2 week vacation to Cozumel and my son is enjoying playing his new XBOX one as I write this. So i guess what I want to say is thanks for a strong 47-33 season. If you’re ever in the Baltimore, look me up. I owe you a beer. Cheers, Baltimore Blake PS: in honor of you we named our NFL package “the unurda”

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