2016 NFL Survivor Challenge

By Sean Kennedy (@PhillyFastBreak)

People are heatedly debating whether or not someone has the right to sit during the national anthem, a man was given a new contract despite his employer knowing about a domestic violence accusation, and a global icon will be out of work for a month because he may or may not have known about balls having slightly below regulation air pressure. All of which is to say, the NFL is back, baby!

We’re still decades away from head trauma and CTE concerns shutting down America’s new favorite pastime. Until then, a new NFL season means another year of Philly Fast Break’s free NFL survivor contest!

If you’re unfamiliar with the survivor format, you choose one NFL team each week to win its game outright (i.e. regardless of spread). If that team wins, you advance to the next week; if they lose or tie, you are eliminated from the contest. The catch is you can only use a particular team once throughout the season. The last participant standing wins!

How to Enter:

How to Play:

  • E-mail your pick each week to PhillyFastBreak@gmail.com by 12:00 EST Sunday (unless you want to pick a Thursday game, in which case, get the pick in before kickoff of that contest). Include your twitter handle or facebook profile name in the e-mail for verification purposes.
  • It’s winner-take-all and the contest winner will receive $100 (not bad for a free contest). In the event of a tie (multiple people getting through the entire regular season undefeated), prize money will be split evenly.

I will be tweeting the Philly Fast Break official selection each week; as always, you have to outlast our entry along with everyone else’s to take home the pot. All selections will be posted to the site so check back each week to see how many contestants remain. Good luck to everyone and enjoy another exciting NFL season!



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