Brett Brown Reportedly Assuming Responsibility of Accruing Losses

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The Sixers found their captain for the Tanktanic.

While the Eagles were playing matador with New England running backs Friday night, the Sixers reportedly selected the man who will guide them in a brave new era of lottery freefall.  Five weeks after his hiring was first prematurely reported on draft night, Brett Brown has indeed emerged as the next coach of the Philadelphia 76ers.  The two parties have yet to come to official terms as Marc Stein reports Brown’s associates are trying to talk him out of the job due to the near-guarantee of over 60 losses in Year 1.  Still, it was never a secret what the plan was for the Sixers franchise and it would be very surprising if things unraveled this late in the proceedings.

Brown has been with the Spurs organization for twelve years, seven as Gregg Popovich’s assistant following five years as the organization’s player development coach.  He also has head coaching experience, having directed the Australian national team since 2009.  Everyone associated with the San Antonio franchise has that model organizational glow to them, as they’ve been the benchmark for free agency maneuvering, international stashing, and an aesthetically pleasing offensive system for going on two decades.  Any approximation of the pick-and-roll and corner three offense would be a welcome and much-needed change from Doug Collins’ toilet bowl system.  The Spurs’ system is among those lauded by the analytical community ascribed to by Sam Hinkie and would appear to be a perfect match.

Reporting Hiring of Brett Brown – Everything about Brown coming on board as coach would fit with the tanking philosophy.  He has a strong background in player development, essential to work with both the current young players on the roster, as well as those expected to arrive via the 2014 draft lottery.  He comes from a forward-thinking organization closely coinciding with the line of thought of current Sixers management.  Most importantly, in my opinion, the Sixers didn’t go with some coaching retread (i.e. Mike Brown, Vinny Del Negro) who would care more about short-term results rather than the long-term vision for the franchise.  Hopefully, Brown and the Sixers can take their licks together early on, in order to fulfill Sam Hinkie and management’s vision for a long-term contender.

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