Philly Fast Break now on Patreon!

By Sean Kennedy (@PhillyFastBreak)

Hello, I’m pleased to announce that Philly Fast Break now has its own Patreon page! Since I began this site in early 2013, Philly Fast Break has always been a passion project for me. The purpose of this Patreon is to help alleviate some of the costs for maintaining the site (these include fees for website hosting, domain registration, podcast hosting, and the prize pools for the free contests I have run over the years).

For as little as $2 per month, you receive patron-only rewards like a weekly newsletter and free entry into our popular NFL Survivor and NCAA March Madness contests. Should you kind folks be generous enough that, somewhere far down the road, incoming revenue exceeds those costs, I’d like to use the supplementary income to bring in additional writers and increase the quality and breadth of coverage at Philly Fast Break.

In addition to the perks listed on the rewards page, for every patron, I will donate $1 each month to (your choice of) one of the following 4 charities:

– American Red Cross
– American Civil Liberties Union
– Wildlife Conservation Network
– Cure Alzheimer’s Fund

Hopefully, we can help make a small difference in the world as a byproduct of my (occasionally) insightful and (somewhat) entertaining sports commentary.

Thank you!

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