Sins of the Father?

By Sean Kennedy (@PhillyFastBreak)

Let’s get this out of the way first. It’s become abundantly clear that Jerry Colangelo is a snake. He joined the organization at Adam Silver’s behest back in December, and rather than collaborate with Sam Hinkie as ownership intended, has reportedly undermined Hinkie at every opportunity. Colangelo didn’t respect Hinkie because he wasn’t a “basketball guy”. He didn’t accept new ideas about how to do things, because, let’s face it, when you’re being doing things a certain way on this planet for over 70 years, you’re very resistant to change.

The final snake in the grass move was leaking Hinkie’s resignation letter to the national media immediately after receiving it. That’s not a disagreement on how best to run a basketball franchise, that’s a total lack of respect for another human being. So Sixers nation, I hear you yelling, “Screw Jerry Colangelo!” and I’m right there with you.

But does that mean we should lump “the Colangelos” together as this one evil empire ruining the Sixers franchise? If Jerry Colangelo is as much of a dick as he appears to me, don’t you thinking his son would know that better than anybody? So when it comes to Bryan Colangelo, maybe we shouldn’t punish the son for the sins of the father? Here’s an excerpt from the report by Adrian Wojnarowski on The Vertical:

If Jerry Colangelo forever wanted to hire his son, Bryan was beyond reluctant to accept a job there, sources said. From the moment the Sixers hired Jerry, Bryan kept pursuing available NBA opportunities. He believed he had a great chance to get the Brooklyn Nets’ job, but was crestfallen when Sean Marks was chosen over him.

Now, I’ll admit that it’s less than ideal the Sixers are getting a guy who the Brooklyn Nets passed on, but Sean Marks seems like a sharp guy, after all. Still, by all accounts Bryan was extremely resistant of working under Jerry again. In my book, that counts as a point in his favor. Let’s also consider the fact that Sixers ownership, independent of Jerry Colangelo, thought Bryan would be the best guy to come in and offer personnel assistance. From that same Woj report:

Yet 76ers ownership, including [Scott] O’Neil, convinced Bryan Colangelo that it believed he was the best candidate on the market. This will be a tough sell to the public, yes, because everyone knows that Jerry wanted to see Bryan hired. Ownership and O’Neil insist that Bryan Colangelo was the best candidate to turn the Sixers’ two potential lottery picks and salary-cap space into a playoff team sooner than later.

Imagine for a second the Hinkie situation wasn’t what it was and the Sixers were just looking for a new GM. I’m pretty sure we could talk ourselves into a former 2-time NBA Executive of the Year! It’s a lofty step up from Billy King, anyway.

All of which is to say, by all means, rail against Jerry Colangelo as much as you want. But when it comes to Bryan Colangelo, maybe we should give peace a chance? At least until he gives up assets for Rudy Gay, then we’re pushing him off a cliff.

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