Sixers Sending Joel Embiid to the NBA Draft Lottery

By Sean Kennedy (@PhillyFastBreak)

Following in the footsteps of Josh Harris, Julius Erving, Nerlens Noel, and Brett Brown, the Philadelphia 76ers’ representative at next Tuesday’s NBA draft lottery will be none other than Joel Hans Embiid.

It’s incredibly fitting that the man who has come to represent the embodiment of the Process itself will be on hand for what may be the last time for a while that the Sixers have their own pick fall in the lottery (the juicy 2019 Sacramento 1st-rounder and the possibility of the Lakers pick rolling over to next year both still await, of course). Never one to shy from the limelight, Embiid will certainly add some much-needed flair to the lottery proceedings. We might even be treated to a repeat of the moves Embiid flashed at the Meek Mill concert, although I imagine JoJo would keep his shirt on this time. It’s a shame the Bucks aren’t in the lottery, or Embiid could have tried to slide into Mallory Edens’ DMs.

A little fun is all well and good, but what Sixers fans are really hoping is for the ping pong balls to bounce their way, coming away with both the top pick and the conveyance of the Lakers pick. We’ll find out if Embiid was simply one year early last May with his prognostication for the team’s lottery results.

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